Information in english

Safety first

Our top priority is to maintain a reliable bus, tram and train service for the foreseeable future while also providing a safe work environment for the drivers of public transport vehicles and a safe travelling environment for our customers.

Most buses and trams will therefore not be accessible via the front doors, bus drivers will not sell tickets anymore.

To reduce the risk for our passengers to touch often-used surfaces such as stop-request buttons, trams, trains and buses will automatically call all stops and will open all doors automatically.

Buying tickets/fares

Most customer centres and points of sale for tickets have closed down or have reduced their capacity significantly. Please consider using one of the following alternative methods of purchase:

– Ticket machines at train stations and tram stops
– App „eTarif“ (our check-in-check-out-app using the linear distance between beginning and end of journey)
– App „Handy-Ticket“ (apps DB for purchasing digital tickets on your mobile device)
– buy a print@home-ticket online via our journey planner

Change in schedules

The amount of bus services is gradually being reduced to finally offering a weekday schedule based on Sunday itineraries. This will be put in place on all bus services 23 March 2020 latest.

Weekend traffic is furthermore reduced to lower the incentive for [outdoors] leisure activities. Especially bus services after 7 pm and late night services will be taken off the schedules.
Train schedules have also been thinned down, some connections are no longer being operated..

These regulations and recommendations may change on a day-to-day basis during the crisis. We will closely monitor the information from the regional and national governing bodies and adapt our services accordingly. Please check our journey planner before you intend to travel within VRN.

Please, in your own interest:

Wearing a face mask on public transport is compulsory from 27.04.2020 in Baden-Württemberg. These masks should help to contain the coronavirus. They protect themselves and others. On the Internet you will find numerous instructions on how to make such a simple face mask yourself.

Reduce your use of public transport to essential journeys. If you need to travel, try to do off-peak. Keep your distance of preferably 2 metres to other people both in public transport and at bus/tram/train stops.

Obey the recommendations of the WHO regarding protection and hygiene:
– avoid touching surfaces
– avoid touching your face, especially eyes, mouth and nose
– when you need to sneeze or cough, please use the crook of your arm or a paper tissue to catch the
blast of aerosol you blow out
– wash your hands often throughout the day for at least 20 seconds, using soap and water
– use hand sanitizer if no wash basin is within reach